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Smite roster grows even larger with the addition of Da Ji

Smite already has an impressively large roster of gods and goddesses for you to battle with to MOBA glory, but just in case you felt you were still lacking, developers Hi-Rez Studios have added in yet another character. Da Ji is a new addition to the roster, and is a character from Chinese mythological history. Traditionally known as a malevolent fox spirit in the legends, this, along with many of her accoutrements, have, as usual, been adapted into the game.

Da Ji is an assassin class God addition to Smite, and plays very quickly. A number of her abilities are linked to her claws and her historical association with torture, and can do a wide variety of damage including bleed and burn, as well as teleport across the map to targets, and stunning enemies using the Paolao device. Da Ji has been released as part of patch 4.9 alongside a number of bug fixes and gameplay balances. The patch also includes new skins for Camazotz, Ganesha, Jing Wei, Kuzenbo and Medusa. Full notes are available on the official site.