The Culling to launch on Xbox One

The massive release of Battlegrounds may have pushed The Culling somewhat to the background on its original platform, although how long for is yet to be established. However it is also set to launch on Xbox One’s Game Preview program on June 2nd, ahead of a full launch later in the year. The idea behind the game, and most of the emerging ‘Battle Royale’ genre of which it is a part, is based off the cult classic Japanese film for which it is named. In it a collection of teenagers are left on an island with a random collection of items and forced to kill each other to survive. The idea was taken and watered down severely for The Hunger Games and as such became far more famous in the past few years.

In The Culling, 20 players are placed into a PvP scenario and, under a short 25 minute time-frame, are simply tasked with surviving to be the last remaining character. Starting off with no weapons at all, players are able to either pick-up fully fledged weapons or create them using the survival-esque crafting mechanics. There are no respawns at all, a given considering the nature of the game, and the borders of the arena continually shrink to ensure that games are completed in a timely fashion. It can be played solo or as part of a duo, and is available on Xbox One Game preview Program from June 2nd.

Xaviant CEO and founder Michael McMain had the following to say about the announcement:

“We are thrilled to bring battle royale to Xbox One with The Culling. Our team has put a tremendous amount of effort into controls, optimization to make sure the Xbox experience is top-notch. We couldn’t be more excited to use feedback from Game Preview players to take The Culling to the next level.”


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