Release date announced for Divinity: Original Sin 2

Larian Studios have announced a release date for the hotly anticipated sequel to their overwhelmingly well received fantasy RPG Divinity: Original Sin. The sequel is already available with Early Access on Steam, and the full release is set to follow on September 14th. Widely celebrated for it’s attempts to modernise the traditional isometric RPG, the original  became’s Larian’s best selling game and the Early Access version of the sequel seems to be just as popular.

Many of the features of the original game have been maintained for the sequel, especially the highly regarded Game Master and PvP modes, which allowed people to create their own dungeons and adventures, and then share them online. This toolbox blended the line between tabletop RPGs and video game RPGs, and was heralded as a new approach for the genre. In time with the announcement Larian also released a new patch, featuring 2 new areas, a new companion relationship system, and introduction to new character Beast, the pirate dwarf.


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