Netflix’s Castlevania series has a new trailer

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that The Witcher had entered production, Netflix is nearing release on another of its anticipated video game adaptations. The show is set to launch in the US on July 7th, and Netflix have a released its first trailer to accompany the announcement.

There’s a lot of quality attached to the production, which has apparently already been guaranteed a second series for 2018. Renowned graphic novelist Warren Ellis has penned the script for both seasons already, production is being handled by Adi Shankar, and the studio behind it is Frederator Networks; famous for their involvement in the production of Adventure Time. All of this gives Castlevania a real pedigree. According to the trailer the show see “the last surviving member of a disgraced clan fight to save Eastern Europe from Dracula” and is “inspired by the classic NES game.” Although US release date has been confirmed, other regions are still unknown. However, Netflix is usually a proponent of close release scheduling so the global wait shouldn’t be too long.


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